Introducing our new Slogan

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Experience Your Heartfelt Imagination!™

Introducing our New Slogan


Wondering what that slogan at the top of our website is about? Well, we wanted to create a short foundational statement that describes Conversational Adventure™ games. It’s essence can be described in four words: “Experience Your Heartfelt Imagination!™

Here’s what we mean:

EXPERIENCE – We want you to live it; this is interactive, not passive. Rest on the couch if you want, but moving forward will require you to act. Our games are designed to be played out in your mind and realized through your fingertips.

YOUR – It’s personal. This is your adventure and we’re designing it with you in mind.

HEARTFELT – You are not a robot making objective decisions. You have values and beliefs at your core that matter; and if we can stir your heart in a way that’s meaningful to you, so much the better.

IMAGINATION – We are not asking you to recycle old patterns or learn an intricate series of button combos. We’re asking you to tap your mind with new directions and new possibilities. We want to unleash your potential.

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