The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer is based on the wildly popular best-selling book, Mossflower, the second in a twenty-two book series by Brian Jacques. We’ve carefully researched Redwall canon from beloved dishes to the structure of musical ditties. We LOVE Redwall, and hope the world will feel very familiar to its loyal fans. You’ll find not only familiar characters, but new ones as well, in a tale carefully intertwined with the book and its events.

Introducing Gillig the Otter

In Escape the Gloomer you play as Gillig, a young clumsy otter constantly teetering between being courageous at heart and cowardly in action as he desperately tries to prove himself. Journey on a quest to find the late Lord Verdauga Greeneyes’ lost Scroll of Inheritance, and reveal his heir in hopes of preventing war across all of Mossflower. However, Gillig’s reasons for recovering the scroll are far more personal, as his fate in the otter crew hangs in the balance after one too many mistakes.

The Gloomer

A large, mindless, and savage water rat whose very name would send icy fear coursing through even the most villainous of vermin. Tales told around the campfire frightening even the bravest warriors. Only this monster was no tall tale, he lived. Captured by Lord Verdauga long ago, he was trapped in the caverns beneath Kotir. Many seasons of swimming in the dark underground waters of the great lake caused him to grow nearly blind and embrace his instincts as a killer. The tyrant, Tsarmina the Ruthless, used Gloomer as a weapon against the Woodlanders only for the Gloomer to lose his battle with the otter crew’s large pike, Stormfin, sinking to the depths of the River Moss below. The woodlanders rejoiced as the Gloomer was lost forever to a watery grave. . .or so they hoped. . .

The Backstory of Kotir

Kotir was a red sandstone fortress built by the River Moss in the western Mossflower Woods. Sometime long ago it had been abandoned by its creators only to be rediscovered and taken over by the late Lord Verdauga Greeneyes seasons prior to the events of Mossflower and Escape the Gloomer. It is now in the clutches of his daughter Tsarmina, who had murdered her father to ascend to the throne. She now is moving to claim all of Mossflower, and finally drive out the Woodlander rebels who call themselves the Corim, putting the Mossflower Woods on the brink of war.

Other Redwall characters that make an appearance:

  • Skipper the Otter
  • Gonff the Prince of Mousethieves
  • Martin the Warrior
  • Ferdy and Coggs Stickle
  • Tsarmina the Ruthless
  • Gingivere Greeneyes

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