About Conversational Adventure™ Games

A Primer for Adventure Gamers and IF Aficionados

Simply put, we’re creating a new fusion of interactive fiction and adventure games using modern technologies. Our proprietary solution to this is called Conversational Adventure™ games. Engineered by Scott Adams (creator of Adventureland, Pirate Island, Marvel Questprobe series: Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four) and Team Clopas, the Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer, is our premiere entry followed by Adventureland XL.

Building Immersion

We want you to Experience Your Heartfelt Imagination™.

More specifically, Clopas creates rich narrative for our games.  We’re creating an overarching story for players to explore and develop their characters.You unfold the action in the way you want, and we adapt to your feedback.

Even more ambitious, our aim is to give you that “open world” feel. Our database contains thousands of vocabulary words and we’ve spent innumerable hours playtesting to get it just right. For Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer, we’ve crafted over 40,000 words of text to allow that to happen. Additionally, the level of descriptive detail is large enough to paint a picture, but not so much as to prevent you from filling in the rest of the details – as you see fit – with your mind.

But building immersion is more than using words. It includes audio, such as voice overs, sound effects and a musical score. It also includes visuals that have impact and elegant UI that gets out of your way to let you experience the game. And, we want you to engage other senses too – allowing touch, smell, taste to play a part.

Modern Language

We’ve worked hard to create a comprehensive system that doesn’t limit your choices and allows you to use detailed language to say things your way. This frees you to make the game your own. Our modern, proprietary, full sentence, English language system that lets you do more than VERB NOUN. We’re also going to provide you with multiple ways you can phrase your commands. For example, you can be complex and say: “Pick up the wood from the rubble and throw it into the fire pit”  or you can make phrases as simple as you like: “look at the sign,” “examine sign,” and “read the sign,” are all valid inputs that will respond to you accordingly. Our system attempts to return responses while keeping the context of your directives in mind.

Designing with the Player in Mind

We’ve considered Players many experiences with text based games and have taken special care to combat many of the problems with the genre. Our Conversational Adventure™ games are built to feel like you are paging through a novel you create. They come with page controls to make reading easier. And, to prevent you from paging back to hunt for that one important detail you can’t recall, we’ve created memory commands (e.g. Remember, Recall, Think) to give you fast access. If you’ve discovered and solved a puzzle or completed a task once, we’ll provide a shortcut to repeat it swiftly. An example of this is fast travel; if you’ve been to an area before, you can go back quickly to that same place (assuming there’s nothing preventing you from doing so). If you choose, we also have a hint system that prevents puzzle deadlock (that frustration you feel when you get stuck). The hints, in the form of descriptive narrative, will just appear, conversational style, at the right moment when the game notices you are having problems progressing in the game.

Play the game, Live the adventure, Create your story.™