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Scott was recently interviewed and we were able to get some publicity from Retro Gamer Magazine. Thanks to Rory Milne for his article. ... See MoreSee Less

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With all that's going on around us, its easy to be afraid and focus on the negative. But life is tenacious and has its own way of moving forward. We want you to know that Team Clopas is continuing to (remotely) work on all its projects and even take some time to research and consider opportunities for the future. Our hope for all of you is that this period brings you closer to family and friends, affords you time to unwind, and offers you rest from the busyness of life. And if you want to play some games in the meantime, we got you covered too.
Happy Adventuring
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CREATIVE TEAM OFFICE: In addition to a large central space, part of the 764 sq. ft. space we leased includes two offices. One of those is dedicated to our Creative / Narrative Team, whom consists of David Ababio, Narrative Lead (who also serves as Chief Operating Officer), April Way, Creative Lead (who also serves as Chief Personnel Officer), and Kendall Miller, Narrative Designer (aka resident wordsmith). The team has been hard at work designing the narrative experience for our latest project, Adventureland XL including backstory for Adventurer Scott, quest storylines for the XL section, collaborating with Russell Brower on soundtracks for the game, wording for the game’s audio dialogue, and an awesome finale to give players a satisfying ending.

This project has come with its own challenges. The base game, Adventureland, was released by Scott back in 1978. For this remake, the team wanted to respect the feel and experience of the original while adding narrative that enhanced gameplay rather than fundamentally altering it. Additionally, the team seeks to hold to our Mission of “creating family friendly experiences that are engaging, creative, and immersive” by developing content that works for new and old players of all ages and backgrounds.

Adventureland XL is currently in Early Access on Steam. If you haven’t already, we’d love if you could play it and leave a user review on our Steam Store page (store.steampowered.com/app/1171560/Adventureland_XL/). We’re also curious to hear about your expectations and hopes for the game, so let us know about them in the comments.
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